What IS Kamel nitrate?


A chance encounter between Tony Marrison, a producer/multi-instrumentalist who had worked on Tom McRae's Mercury-nominated debut album - and Nelson Dilation, a pioneering world fusion DJ, led to the birth of Kamel Nitrate. They discovered a shared love of funk, world exotica, 70's soundtracks and sci-fi themes and channelled them into a style pithily described as dubxotic ethnofunkadelia.

After a series of remixes for world fusion luminaries such as Transglobal Underground, James Asher and more they began work on their first album, forming a band on the way. The result was 2003's "Lost In Spice", a euphoric explosion of funky drums, swirling organs, brass, sitars and vocals from all over the planet. They hit the road, toured Europe and were hailed as "the future of world music" by BBC's Andy Kershaw.

They began recording material for a new album but life took a turn and Tony and Nelson parted ways. The Kamels scattered to the four corners of the earth and the musical supernova became a dormant star...



Over a decade later Tony was invited to do some new remixes as Kamel Nitrate. Taking on the challenge, it turned out the spirit of Kamel was alive and had much more to say. He picked up the pieces of the early recordings and began work on the second album.

He wanted to expand the sound and scope of "Lost In Spice", and realised that a huge part of Kamel's unique vibe was its sci-fi element. World music is always used to tell stories of the past and the present, but never about the future. So the idea was born to make the first ever sci-fi world music album!

Two years later, and with contributions from 18 different musicians, Lebanon Elevator is finally complete. Epic, intelligent, funky, tongue-in-cheek, occasionally terrifying, it tells the story of mankind's exodus from the earth across the desert of the universe. 11 songs featuring lustful aliens, passive-aggressive androids, whispers from space - a new species of out-of-this-world music.