Galaxia's Lust

Words and Music: Tony Marrison, Maria João Branco.



I came from the depths of space in a veil of flames
A whole new world to take
Hidden from the stars
Rose from the smoking earth
To see my new destiny
An empty desert
Black as a dying sun.

I wondered what new adventures will I have?
What kind of creatures will I find?

In the distance I see something unaware of me
I call him, I call him
Through the night.



I can be
Your fantasia
I can be
Your Galaxia



Come closer, to the edge
Come closer to me
You are no longer your own
Your will is all mine!



Now, don't be afraid
You won't feel a thing
Ooh what I'll show you
Oooh the pleasure will be all mine

And if my x-ray kiss is too much to take
Steals your final breath away
Then we at last shall see
If you’re worthy of my gift!


Chorus Repeat