Lebanon Elevator Lyrics


Satellite Sound
Nubian Jerk
Galaxia's Lust
The Great Array
Ice Station North
Lebanon Elevator
To The Stars
The Full Brazilian
Made In Taiwan
Careful What You Wish For
Titan Arum



Music: Tony Marrison, Matt Tweed, Laurent Rastello, Maria João Branco.
Words: Tony Marrison.



Vast, sublime
The spinning Universal
Planets whirling
In the tornado
Flashing in the night sky
Like an explosion

Great Simoom
Comes tearing from afar
Breaks around the stars
Deep in the shadows
We hide behind the rocks
And take shelter



Old as time
The wheeling Universal
Stardust shimmering
And eternal
Desert and the night sky
Are joined forever

Lone and blind
We reach out to the stars
Send ravens and our doves
Into the the darkness
Then hold our breaths and wait
For their signal



It's time to leave
Time for the exodus
Time to leave our home behind
And head to the stars

What sights will we see?
What forms will we take?
The desert is the gift
That demands transformation


Music: Tony Marrison, Guy Schalom.
Words: Tony Marrison, Tino Mutanuka.


Chorus 1

Got the feeling
In my feet
Make you move like a freak
When you walk down the street
Got to do that 

The Nubian Jerk

Make you dance like a fool
Noone cares if its cool
Got to do it

The Nubian jerk

Useless to resist
This rhythm got a hold on me

The Nubian Jerk

Use it or lose it
Lets put this mother down


Chorus 2

Got the feeling
In my toes



From Cape Town to Brixton
Meltdown in Kingston
From Cairo to Bombay
We freak out the same way

This dance is contagious
These rhythms are ageless
These words lose their meaning
Just chasing a feeling!


Let's do it!
Just lose it
Don't wait
Give yourself up to it

Keep jerking
Keep moving
Submit to the
Charms of the Nubian!


Last Chorus

Got the feeling
In my soul

Use it or lose it
Let’s put this mother-lover down!


Words and Music: Tony Marrison, Maria João Branco.



I came from the depths of space in a veil of flames
A whole new world to take
Hidden from the stars
Rose from the smoking earth
To see my new destiny
An empty desert
Black as a dying sun.

I wondered what new adventures will I have?
What kind of creatures will I find?

In the distance I see something unaware of me
I call him, I call him
Through the night.



I can be
Your fantasia
I can be
Your Galaxia



Come closer, to the edge
Come closer to me
You are no longer your own
Your will is all mine!



Now, don't be afraid
You won't feel a thing
Ooh what I'll show you
Oooh the pleasure will be all mine

And if my x-ray kiss is too much to take
Steals your final breath away
Then we at last shall see
If you’re worthy of my gift!


Chorus Repeat


Words and Music: Tony Marrison.



Here at the end of day  
We made the Great Array
The ear of the world
Listening deep into space

Whispers, warnings
Something like music
Echos from before
Our world was born


The universe calls to us
The desert sings in response
The stars reach out for us
Our bodies respond

Spectral fingers
Play a tune on our sinews
Without knowing why, we dance
We dance



There’s a signal from far out in space
Caught In the web of the Great Array
A whispered welcome like a lover's embrace
From before the world was born

Secret yearnings
Whispered warnings
Hush the earth and listen
To the ancient call



Here in the frozen night
Alien waves lap at our shores
We sift the static
Picking up fragments
Satellites skip like stones
To eternity
Spectral hammers play a tune on our bones
Without knowing why, we dance
We dance





The Great Array raises its head
Like the camels outside Baikonur space port
Listening to a sound
No one can hear

Spectral hands play the world like a drum
The earth is a resonator, the desert is the skin
Spectral fingers play the strings of your body
Without knowing why, you dance

Even at night
They enter our dreams
The tides of Neptune
Become a distant shore
An exploding star
A cymbal crash
The shadow of Titan
A veil on a Moor

The spinning earth
A whirling dervish
Even in our dreams, we dance

You are a resonator 

Your body is the desert 

Your heart is the great array



There’s a signal from far out in space
Caught In the web of the Great Array
A whispered welcome like a lover's embrace
From before the world was born

Secret yearnings
Whispered warnings
Hush the earth and listen
To the alien call



Words and Music: Tony Marrison.



Ice Station North - repeat



Deep in the ice
Creatures rise
Shadow forms

Drifting in time
Drawn by life
Waiting for a thaw
A crack in the ice



A satellite enters the atmosphere
And crashes into the snow
We search for its homing beacon
In the raging ice storm

We’re not the only ones
To hear the call
The signal awakes them
They tear through the ice like gauze





Deep in the ice
Creatures rise!

Illustration from Arthur C Clarke's "Fountains of Paradise"  http://www.chrismooreillustration.co.uk

Illustration from Arthur C Clarke's "Fountains of Paradise"


Words and Music: Tony Marrison.



Walking on the desert sands
Holds me in its burning hands
The heat rises, melts the air
Rising above me

Sun beats the desert like a drum
Skin rings with ancient song
I hear the call, it fills the air
Like a warning


It's time
Gotta leave it all behind
There's an escape for humankind
A beam right to the sun
Rising up from Lebanon



Now I enter the Lebanon
Green hills and peaks of snow
The sea mists enfold me
The warm breeze holds me

At the temple gates of Baalbek
Shafts rise from the minarets
I step in the portal, the beam opens wide

My frequencies shift, I shoot up in the sky



Lebanon Elevator x3
Rise up!




Music: Tony Marrison, Matt Tweed
Words: Tony Marrison



Welcome aboard the Lebon-Air Space Elevator
Please keep your hands inside the beam at all times
Going up 



We've just left earth's atmosphere
And will shortly be arriving at the International Space Platform. 
Passengers for connecting flights please have your passports ready



We are now embarking at the lunar Hilton
Where you can see the sun rising above tranquility base

Please note smoking is only permitted on the shisha deck. 
Thank you!



On behalf of Lebon-Air
We’d like to thank you for flying with us

We hope you've had a pleasant trip  and will come again soon.  
See you in the stars!


Music: Tony Marrison, Sam Heath
Words: Tony Marrison



Living  life upon the breeze
Drifting like a leaf
Playing on the beach
Diving in the sea

Must be something in the air
Life without a care
Freedom is your gift
And everyone is rich



Oh lets stay
Another day
Let’s wash our cares off in the ocean spray

Nothing can take
This moment away
The infinite lives deep in every flame



Then you take me by the hand
Lead me barefoot in the sand
Your eyes so bright and green
Just Like a caipirinha

You go straight to my head
Glowing like the sun
Salt taste on your skin
It's the full Brazilian!



And deep in the jungle night
Our hearts are flaming with love
Like golden oranges glittering in the dark
Suns exploding one by one





Now you're driving down the strip
Take a little sip
Tastes like a cachaça
Salt around your lips 

Oh it goes straight to my head
Flaming like the sun
You light up my world
It's the full Brazilian



If the earth is burning with life
Let's dance around the fire
If everything's crumbling
Let's make castles in the sand
We'll find our own path to the stars
It's the full Brazilian.



Words and Music: Tony Marrison



Isla Formosa
"The Beautiful Island"
In the land of of rain and storm
A lightning strike, the spark of new life 

No mere robota
Not slaves or drones
More human than human
The new light that burns twice as bright


In a Taipei factory
They make my bones
Cleaner than the finest clinic
The capsule where my flesh and skin are grown
In a dark laboratory
They make my mind
My cells are charged by the sun
I’m made in Taiwan



Finest quality… superior workmanship
Our industry is second to none
I'm made in Taiwan!



Made to care for you
Built to last
My brothers and sisters
Installed in every walk of life
In hospices and nursing homes
Remade as pleasure drones
We comfort to the last
Hold your hand as you approach the light. 



We built the Elevator
In Lebanon
Paved the way to the stars
On our plastic bones

We built the Space Platform
A bridge to whole new worlds
Hold your hand as you enter the light
Emerge, lost in endless night 



There'll be no robot uprising
None required
We’ll watch as you stumble
Lost children in the stars
Do your every bidding
As it falls apart
We'll hold your hands as you suffocate
On the soils of Mars


You weren't meant to die on this earth
You were meant to leave
You weren’t meant to die in this flesh
You were meant to transcend

You put your best selves into us
Refined and iterated us
The new Mankind has begun
And it's made in Taiwan!


Words and Music: Tony Marrison



Be careful what you wish for
You just might get it
My heart is an ocean
Filled with love's dark mystery

You say you really want me
But you'll regret it
Like a candle to the sun
You'll lose yourself in me


Chorus 1

Save yourself
It may already be too late
Spare yourself
This cold ineluctable fate


Chorus 2

Save Yourself
Bones of wood, paper skin
And your blood gasoline
And my eyes are the flint
Just one spark and you'll burst into flame

Spare Yourself
Though you're looking at me
You don't see
Your heart is an open book
And I'll tear out every page



Be careful what you wish for
You just might get it
I am Medusa
Come too close and I'll turn you to stone

You say you really want me
But you'll regret it.
Your heart is an open book
And you'll write my name
Again and again
And again and again
And again



Look at me and despair
Look on me and despair
Love me and despair



Music: Tony Marrison, Jean Claude Yebga Dikoba
Words: Tony Marrison



The seed
The gift of life
Sown wide across the void
Lands beside the path
Swallowed by the firmament
Spills among the thorns
No place for gestation
Falls on rocky ground
Scorched by the sun

The universe is a barren place
The seed could find no purchase
But here within the earth
Something takes hold
Spreads within the void
Starts to unfold 



Titan Arum x2



Far beneath the canopy
In darkest jungle night
In deep cathedral silence
Titan is growing

Humanity thrives
Divides and multiplies
A swollen fruit
Life exploding 

Titan Arum
The corpse flower
Its rotten stench
A strange attractor

Rising from the mist
Calling to the stars
They swarm to its scent
And take the seed





Asteroids crack
Into the earth
Bring alien lichen
New mutations

Creatures rise
Divide and multiply
Hybrid life forms
Cross pollination

Is flesh just fruit
A strange attractor
Summoning from afar
To take the seed?

Is life just light
A beacon in the dark
Warding off the monsters
Or drawing them in?



Seeds rise on solar tides
Wash up on distant shores

Spacecraft glint in distant light
Dandelion seeds floating through time
Blown by the winds
Far from home



The human seed
This precious cargo
Grown wild so long
Without cultivation

Cut and transplanted
Drawn from the earth
Locked in ice
Deep hibernation

Swollen with weight
Spores spray into the void
Brownian motion
Dance into darkness

Titan Arum
The Earth in flower
Spilling its seed
Across the infinite



Our new lives begun
Mankind reborn