Made In Taiwan

Words and Music: Tony Marrison



Isla Formosa
"The Beautiful Island"
In the land of of rain and storm
A lightning strike, the spark of new life 

No mere robota
Not slaves or drones
More human than human
The new light that burns twice as bright


In a Taipei factory
They make my bones
Cleaner than the finest clinic
The capsule where my flesh and skin are grown
In a dark laboratory
They make my mind
My cells are charged by the sun
I’m made in Taiwan



Finest quality… superior workmanship
Our industry is second to none
I'm made in Taiwan!



Made to care for you
Built to last
My brothers and sisters
Installed in every walk of life
In hospices and nursing homes
Remade as pleasure drones
We comfort to the last
Hold your hand as you approach the light. 



We built the Elevator
In Lebanon
Paved the way to the stars
On our plastic bones

We built the Space Platform
A bridge to whole new worlds
Hold your hand as you enter the light
Emerge, lost in endless night 



There'll be no robot uprising
None required
We’ll watch as you stumble
Lost children in the stars
Do your every bidding
As it falls apart
We'll hold your hands as you suffocate
On the soils of Mars


You weren't meant to die on this earth
You were meant to leave
You weren’t meant to die in this flesh
You were meant to transcend

You put your best selves into us
Refined and iterated us
The new Mankind has begun
And it's made in Taiwan!