Music: Tony Marrison, Guy Schalom.
Words: Tony Marrison, Tino Mutanuka.


Chorus 1

Got the feeling
In my feet
Make you move like a freak
When you walk down the street
Got to do that 

The Nubian Jerk

Make you dance like a fool
Noone cares if its cool
Got to do it

The Nubian jerk

Useless to resist
This rhythm got a hold on me

The Nubian Jerk

Use it or lose it
Lets put this mother down


Chorus 2

Got the feeling
In my toes



From Cape Town to Brixton
Meltdown in Kingston
From Cairo to Bombay
We freak out the same way

This dance is contagious
These rhythms are ageless
These words lose their meaning
Just chasing a feeling!


Let's do it!
Just lose it
Don't wait
Give yourself up to it

Keep jerking
Keep moving
Submit to the
Charms of the Nubian!


Last Chorus

Got the feeling
In my soul

Use it or lose it
Let’s put this mother-lover down!