Music: Tony Marrison, Matt Tweed, Laurent Rastello, Maria João Branco.
Words: Tony Marrison.



Vast, sublime
The spinning Universal
Planets whirling
In the tornado
Flashing in the night sky
Like an explosion

Great Simoom
Comes tearing from afar
Breaks around the stars
Deep in the shadows
We hide behind the rocks
And take shelter



Old as time
The wheeling Universal
Stardust shimmering
And eternal
Desert and the night sky
Are joined forever

Lone and blind
We reach out to the stars
Send ravens and our doves
Into the the darkness
Then hold our breaths and wait
For their signal



It's time to leave
Time for the exodus
Time to leave our home behind
And head to the stars

What sights will we see?
What forms will we take?
The desert is the gift
That demands transformation