The Full Brazilian

Music: Tony Marrison, Sam Heath
Words: Tony Marrison



Living  life upon the breeze
Drifting like a leaf
Playing on the beach
Diving in the sea

Must be something in the air
Life without a care
Freedom is your gift
And everyone is rich



Oh lets stay
Another day
Let’s wash our cares off in the ocean spray

Nothing can take
This moment away
The infinite lives deep in every flame



Then you take me by the hand
Lead me barefoot in the sand
Your eyes so bright and green
Just Like a caipirinha

You go straight to my head
Glowing like the sun
Salt taste on your skin
It's the full Brazilian!



And deep in the jungle night
Our hearts are flaming with love
Like golden oranges glittering in the dark
Suns exploding one by one





Now you're driving down the strip
Take a little sip
Tastes like a cachaça
Salt around your lips 

Oh it goes straight to my head
Flaming like the sun
You light up my world
It's the full Brazilian



If the earth is burning with life
Let's dance around the fire
If everything's crumbling
Let's make castles in the sand
We'll find our own path to the stars
It's the full Brazilian.