Titan Arum

Music: Tony Marrison, Jean Claude Yebga Dikoba
Words: Tony Marrison



The seed
The gift of life
Sown wide across the void
Lands beside the path
Swallowed by the firmament
Spills among the thorns
No place for gestation
Falls on rocky ground
Scorched by the sun

The universe is a barren place
The seed could find no purchase
But here within the earth
Something takes hold
Spreads within the void
Starts to unfold 



Titan Arum x2



Far beneath the canopy
In darkest jungle night
In deep cathedral silence
Titan is growing

Humanity thrives
Divides and multiplies
A swollen fruit
Life exploding 

Titan Arum
The corpse flower
Its rotten stench
A strange attractor

Rising from the mist
Calling to the stars
They swarm to its scent
And take the seed





Asteroids crack
Into the earth
Bring alien lichen
New mutations

Creatures rise
Divide and multiply
Hybrid life forms
Cross pollination

Is flesh just fruit
A strange attractor
Summoning from afar
To take the seed?

Is life just light
A beacon in the dark
Warding off the monsters
Or drawing them in?



Seeds rise on solar tides
Wash up on distant shores

Spacecraft glint in distant light
Dandelion seeds floating through time
Blown by the winds
Far from home



The human seed
This precious cargo
Grown wild so long
Without cultivation

Cut and transplanted
Drawn from the earth
Locked in ice
Deep hibernation

Swollen with weight
Spores spray into the void
Brownian motion
Dance into darkness

Titan Arum
The Earth in flower
Spilling its seed
Across the infinite



Our new lives begun
Mankind reborn