All songs produced, recorded and mixed by Tony Marrison.

Mastered by Mike Marsh at  The Exchange.

Art by David Farren.


A special belated thanks to Chris Hawley for making all of this possible at the beginning.


A massive thanks to all the true believers who supported Kamel and inspired us to make the new album. To Jim, Paul, Bruce and NK for their encouragement. To Debbie for hooking us up with El Crisis. And to Roger for his always invaluable advice.


Dedicated to Demelda, who thought it sounded great two years ago.


Special thanks to NASA for their wonderful Hubble telescope imagery which we used on the album cover and parts of the website. Also for their incredible Symphony of the Planets recordings, which we used snippets of in some of the song intros. It's music created from the electromagnetic emissions of the planets captured by Voyager as it flew by - beautiful, eerie and awe inspiring. Search them out!